maandag 14 maart 2011

Are there any Side Effects of Detox Diet?

A lot of people nowadays are considering the detox diet as something that they should undergo to maintain their overall health. A recent research has shown that due to our daily activities and lifestyle, a lot of chemicals that enter our body gets stored inside our bodies through fats. In addition to this, certain eating habits which are not healthy can also impair the body’s ability to flush out these chemicals which increases the deposit of harmful toxins.

When this happens, the so-called “body burden” of a person would reach its toll and will eventually lead to certain illnesses like irregular metabolism, nutritional deficiency, weak immune system, and some hormonal imbalances – all due to the toxins stored up in our bodies. When for the first time, you are experiencing some symptoms like muscle pains, dry skin, fatigue, bad breath and indigestion, it may be a sign that your body is full of toxins which needs to be flushed.

But like all other things that we do or not do to our body, the detox diet can also bring about some side effects that may or may not be manageable for a certain individual. Some of the known side effects of a detox diet are headache, which can be experienced during the beginning of the diet due to withdrawal of some chemicals that the body takes in. In this case, experts suggest that a person should gradually decrease the chemical intake of the body instead of going cold turkey to avoid this side effect.

Other known side effects include hunger, weight loss, acne, irritability, fatigue, constipation (as a result of too much fiber consumption and less fluid intake), and severe diarrhea which could lead to electrolyte loss and dehydration. These detox diet side effects should be carefully monitored and once they progress, the assistance of a medical professional should be sought.

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